At the crossroads

DOVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is a full service property management company. We specialize in single family homes, townhouses, condominiums, plexes and multi-family apartment communities. Our clients include individuals and private investors with rental property in the SW Washington market. At DOVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, we believe in working closely with our clients to identify their individual investment goals and needs. Frequent communication with our owners allows for opportunities to adjust investment goals and align management objectives, providing owners with confidence and peace of mind.

Our business philosophy is growth through quality service with referrals from satisfied clients. Our clients lead very busy lives and we make every effort to streamline the management of their investments. We are technology-oriented and find that electronic communications, digital photographs, and the Internet are useful, helpful and beneficial tools towards streamlining the management process.

DOVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is a local company, focusing on property management in the city of Vancouver and the surrounding areas of Clark County, Washington. Our field of specialization is helping investors find the best properties to buy for rentals, and managing them for optimal capital growth and minimal risk.

While our foremost interest is in being found by those looking for the best local property management company of rental homes, we also want to be known as a company with many skills. We want investors to come to us, not just to manage their rental houses, but to have DOVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT be their guide through the labyrinth of formulating their plans for building a real estate rental empire, as well as a consultant for, and facilitator of their long term goals.

DOVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT has many clients around the globe, with whom we have worked to build very respectable real estate portfolios. We take care of seeing that their rental homes and investments are being properly managed and cared for, as well as being their eyes and ears for more opportunities. While they are relaxing in their own homes, or traveling anywhere they want, they can rest easy, knowing that we are watching out for their best interests and greatest success.

Dove Property Management Inc, Property Management, Vancouver, WA